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Shadow Wars 27 - Finale

In our digitally connected world it's not an unusual thing to think that all photographs available on the internet can be used for any purpose. However this isn't true - you should assume that you cannot do anything with an image unless you explicitly know otherwise. Even if you are the subject of the photograph.

Different LARP photographers release their images under different conditions. Some use a Creative Commons license, some keep tight control over the images, and others don't care what happens to the pictures at all! All of these approaches are valid but can lead to misunderstandings within the LARP community over what different photographers allow individuals and businesses to do with their images.

In order to make it clearer what it's possible to do with the images that I shoot at LARP events I've put together a FAQ below that should answer the most commonly asked questions. If there's anything you'd like to query, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Players & Crew

If I have photographed you at a LARP event as a player or crew member, you may use the images I have taken and published on your own personal social media as profile pictures, header images, and similar places.

Please do not remove the watermark, and if possible provide a hyperlink to either this website or my Facebook page. When you choose an image to use as a Facebook profile picture there is an option to 'skip cropping' during the process - please select that, as it will keep the image intact with my watermark in the bottom right corner.

If at all possible please download and save the image on your computer rather than just screen capturing it on your phone if you need to upload it to somewhere other than Facebook. If you screen capture an image and upload it elsewhere it degrades the quality and potentially removes my watermark as well, and I'd rather that you used the best possible version of the image available to you.

I would prefer it if you did not run images through filters (such as those available in Photoshop or Enlight) before posting them online. My photographs are finished artworks, they do not need anything else doing to them. The colouration of images is part of my signature style, and so I prefer that these are not changed when posting to places like Instagram.

Almost all images are available to purchase on this site as prints. The prints are produced by an exceptionally brilliant photo lab in Scotland called Loxley Colour and I promise you will not be disappointed. They might seem expensive compared to going to a high street chemist for your prints, but the quality is a thousand times better.

Event Organisers

If you are an event organiser you are more than welcome to ask for a link to download an entire high resolution set of images for your own promotional purposes. Please do not put these images on your website at this resolution or give them out to crew or players.

If you would like images suitable for using on a wiki or similar that do not have my watermark on them, just let me know and I'll send you a set. These are for game-related social media and websites only, not personal social media.

Please do not use images I have taken at your game on promotional materials that you would like to sell such (such as t-shirts or other memorabilia) without my permission, there are some things I would like to discuss with you first. Thank you.

If you would like to send images out to the press or as part of a PR package, please have a chat with me. I have lots of experience as a journalist and as a feature editor so I have insight into the images that will convey your game and the hobby well to the general public. In addition images for magazines and newspapers need to be prepped in a particular way and I can make sure that is done for you.

Fellow Artists

Seeing the work of artists in game is one of the things that brings LARP to life for me. I adore the way that LARP fuels such creativity in costuming, prop-making, and even things like illustration and painting outside of the game. I am keen to be a part of a community that uses resources available, like photographs, to improve games.

I am more than happy to see my images used as reference images for drawings and paintings. In fact, please let me see them - I genuinely would love to see what you have created using my shots as references! On the other hand, please do not just run my images through filters (such as those available in Photoshop or Enlight) and then use those images in game. 

If you are a professional artist - i.e. you are selling your artworks for profit - please do not sell artworks that directly copy my photographs. If you really must for a commission or similar please get in touch and we can work something out. You are welcome to use my images as a reference for your artwork or commissions, but my original image should not be recognisable in the finished artwork. Only you can tell in your heart if you have crossed the line. 

Business Owners

Please do post images complete with watermark to your social media pages and similar as examples of what you have done. Please do not add your own watermark or change the colour and if possible include a link either to this website or to my Facebook page.

If you would like to use images in your shop (for example on Etsy) as an example of an item you have created (or a stock item) then get in touch and lets have a chat. I'm generally more than happy for this to happen if you include my watermark and a credit. If you would like an image without my watermark, perhaps you have something that I need?

Creation of Memes

I like a meme as much as the next person. I particularly like ceiling cat and I even considered writing an academic paper on the proliferation of memes as a form of mass art.

Please do not use my photographs in the creation of memes.

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